Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Lie-a-thon Looming

THIS ADVISORY will be of greater interest to younger readers who are, as they say, "down with Twitter", but it is worth everyone's while to note that Julia Gillard will shortly be taking questions from readers of the Launceston Examiner.

The session begins at 12:45, and you can catch PM Yabby's latest lies  by clicking here:

Some possible questions:
Did either Bruce Wilson's kids or Craig Emerson's kids ever call you "mum"?

Did Nicola Roxon and Bill Shorten ever suggest to yourself and Bruce that it would be lots of fun to throw everyone's car keys into a hat?

Now that your staffers have instigated that race riot on Australia Day, are you prepared to stir up other minorities against Abbott in the interests of a diverse, multicultural community rooted in the principle of equal opportunity for all?

Is Peter Slipper's allowance as Speaker enough? Shouldn't he get an extra book of taxi vouchers so he can make it to court?

Did you pay stamp duty when you transferred your former Abbotsford home to the uni girlfriend you shared it with? Are there any other lawyerly stratagems little people might use to avoid taxes?

Was Vassilis Telikostoglou, who built your front fence, the owner of Paris Mode fashions, which is listed as having received $17,500 from one of Bruce's fraudulently registerred bank accounts?

Remember, the Examiner is a Fairfax newspaper and therefore a bastion of that quality journalism. The editors would never dream -- not in a million years -- of sifting questions to present only the softballs.

But just to make sure everyone gets to see those inquiries, answered or not, why not tweet them as well to the Examiner's twitter account? Here it is:

@ExaminerOnline (use the hash tag #SunX)

 Readers are invited to contribute their own questions in comments.

UPDATE: Forget even trying. The questions below, all posted in less than 10 minutes of the "chat", demonstrate rather clearly that, no matter what the medium, Fairfax journalists will always be happy to serve as this government's gatekeepers and publicists.

Comment From Walter 
As a 70 year old aged pensioner I could not be more happier with you as Australias PM. Keep up the good work 

Comment From EL 
Hi Prime Minister, Just wanted to also thank you and am proud to vote Labour under your leadership 

Comment From Kev 
Lots of reforms by your Govt is long term- carbon pricing, edu, nbn, etc. looking to the future, I'm glad we have you leading the nation! 

Comment From Gregg 
Just would like to say you are doing a good job and sorry to hear about your dad my thoughts are with you 

Comment From Andrea obrien 
Don't have question. Just wanted to thank you. From a mother of Daughters. Stay strong. 

Comment From Aaron D
As a passionate advocate of your government's agenda can I say thank you for not giving in to the barrage of negativity and for having the tenacity to fight this fight. I am sure it will be rewarded in the long term. 

Comment From Emily Rodrigo 
Prime minister, I'd just like to say how great it is having a female prime minister. 

Comment From Pip 
I like your glasses PM! 

Comment From maureen 
Sincere thanks for your commitment to our country, Ms Gillard. I hope you get a chance in your busy schedule to explore the beautiful state of Tassie. 

Comment From Annie 
Thank you for chatting, you are an inspiration.

Just coincidentally, at exactly the same moment Fairfax's Tasmanian journalists were protecting their guest from the sort of questions good stenographers would never ask, the publisher's stock hit an all-time low of 39.5 cents.

The Great Bunyip is a dab hand at punishing sins.


  1. I asked, “Could our corrupt and duplicitous PM explain how she manages to keep the fawning media so sycophantically supportive?”

  2. Dear Juliar,

    "Are you Greek like the guy who donated your front fence?
    If so, you are entitled to a twelve month mourning period.
    Do you intend to exercise the full mourning period right up to polling day to avoid scrutiny of your lies and deceit?"

    The Irish Lion

  3. Being a luddite I am not going to have my question answered "over there", but like the ABC, it would not pass the gorillas anyway.

    It's a question however, which any purple prose reader would like to see answered: Are the roots of Julia Gillard's obsession with Tony Abbott romantic, or god forbid seexualll? (He *is* married, and thusly would seem to fulfill at least one prerequisite seemingly necessary to whet Ms Gillard's appetite.

  4. Terribly unfunny Irish Lion, and in bad taste. It's your turn to be ashamed.

    1. Well she's obviously not Greek although she could have had a little Greek in her but her lackeys certainly seem determined to have her exercise that full mourning period.

  5. Elizabeth (Lizzie) B.October 3, 2012 at 1:31 PM

    Dear Lady Prime Minister,

    Mrs. Thatcher was married. Are you getting engaged to Tim anytime soon, and will there be a wedding to keep us all dewey-eyed for you till the election? And will you become Mrs. Tim then?

    your very sincere admirer

    Lizzie Borden.

  6. The Old and Unimproved DaveOctober 3, 2012 at 1:51 PM

    "Prime Minister, given the venom with which your enemies on your own side of politics have tried to sabotage you, what do you think are the chances that there'll be no 'revelations' when your politically desperate-and-dateless after the 2013 Federal Election ?"

  7. The only remotely challenging question was a sqibb about David Marr put twice and ignored. Riveting stuff. I DID like her jacket though !!

  8. Dear Prime Minister Sleeparound, does Craig Emerson still have the hot rocks for you? I Or do you throw a few "crumbs" to the old used-up roosters to keep them happy and hanging around?

    1. Must be with Emerson - he carries on like he's on a promise!!

  9. Pm Gillard, if you get to go to the now-not-happening Gunns Mill site in the Tamar Valley will you express your amazement that it would have been located right next to a bloody big power station and not that cute vineyard that you thought?

  10. 'Fairfax journalists will always be happy to serve as this government's gatekeepers and publicists'

    True, but it's also likely that the residents in a state that's dependent on Commonwealth grants for 62.1% of its revenue in 2012-13 would have a vested interest in sucking up to someone in charge of a big spending federal government.

  11. Apologise for what Rafiki?
    Merely pointing out the facts.
    The orthodontically challenged Leader of the House, along with the Springsteen groupie and the vinegar drinking handbag throwers have been trying to use the death of her old man for political advantage.
    And the lying ranga must approve of the tactic of using her barely cold papa for this purpose - she has done nothing to stop it.

    The Unrepentant Irish Lion

  12. Those questions that got through seem rather odd.Funny thing is they mirror the stuff that's on her FB official site.If you a want a weird experience go here..
    has a rather North Korean feel to it...

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  14. Interesting to note the Examiner sporting a flame red "map a tassie" in it's online letterhead.

  15. I wonder if any of the people who kissed the Prime Minister's metaphorical arse in such an obsequious fashion actually exist. It might be an interesting project for a hacker with sufficient loyalty to the Commonwealth of Australia.

    1. More then likely all those media advisers she has on hand, or staff from her office.