Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Follow the Sign Curve

IN TODAY's Australian (and at Quadrant Online, sadly), Change.org's Tony Roberston is given space to defend what he depicts as the near-absolute integrity of the software behind that petition which is said to have amassed in excess of 100,000 signatures, all demanding that Alan Jones' right to speak be terminated. Marvelous little bits of secret squirrel coding and other wondrous wotnots are forever rooting about in the entries, he says, all working tirelessly to stop imaginary people (and kangaroos and puddings) registering their opinions.

All these safeguards are the stuff of top-secret tech, but we need not take Robertson solely at his word because the public spirited Perry Stalsis, who launched another recent online petition, has snapped his email in-box and sent the image to the Billabong. His goal is to allay any doubts he is as real and trustworthy as, well, change.org online petitions and those who sign them. In this instance Julia Gillard, Santa Claus and Peter FitzSimon have validated his existence by throwing their weight behind the campaign to make Butch Carlton fork out cold, hard cash to have his columns printed in the Silly. If Mrs Claus' name and comment appear, expect to see a warning that her husband is one married man our Prime Minister should leave very much alone. Click on the images to get larger, readable pictures, then hit the back arrow.

The second piece of evidence will not be refuted, certainly not by quality journalists. It is a letter congratulating Perry on having attained his first two hundred signatures. If only poor Perry was hooked in with GetUp he would probably have 20,000 signatures by this stage. Still, 200 names in two days is not a bad effort for one little petition mentioned only once on a single blog (this one).

Here is the text with an biographic link added:
Congratulations, Sister Ray from MI was the 200th person to sign your petition: The Board of Fairfax Media: Make Mike "Butch" Carlton pay Fairfax shareholders. You are now at 100% of your signature goal!
This is an enormous accomplishment and we want to thank you so much for inspiring so many people to make a stand for change. Your petition will remain open until Oct 06, 2013, allowing your supporters to continue to speak out to [The Board of Fairfax Media].
If The Board of Fairfax Media has still not responded to your petition, also consider increasing your signature goal. This will let your supporters know that there is still work to be done. Increase your signature goal here.
If The Board of Fairfax Media has responded to your petition, let your supporters know. Post an update here.
To close your petition anytime, click here: http://www.change.org/petitions/the-board-of-fairfax-media-make-mike-butch-carlton-pay-fairfax-shareholders/edit

Congratulations again on this incredible accomplishment!
- The Change.org Team 
And here is the original:

All the quality journalists believe absolutely in online petitions and so should we all, especially Fairfax Media's board.


  1. "...Congratulations again on this incredible accomplishment!
    - The Change.org Team"

    My bolds, because "incredible" seems to me to be the operative word.

  2. Dear Bunyip,

    Please support my petition.


  3. The Fin Review today (9 Oct) managed to spend many pages on "the power of social media" without once mentioning the clearly bogus signatures

  4. Tony Robertson would be more aptly named Tony two-dicks Robertson. Even now two days after your Butch poll was started, names such as Julia Gillard, Fat Albert, Big Bird and Atilla the Hun are proud and visible signatories.

    So Tony two-dicks, please explain how your wonderful "sophisticated pattern analysis" doesn't quite cut the mustard and detect obviously bogus signatories.

    Also he states that "if a fake email address is entered (ie a confirmation email bounces), the signature will not be added to the total". Well I call bulltish on that too.

    Poor old two-dicks Robertson is just too big a wanker to have just one.

  5. Fairfax finally published something worth reading yesterday. It must have got in under the radar but they twigged pretty quickly and removed it from their web pages. Here's the link:


    The rest of their offerings are the usual bilge. Sheehan should find a better home...

  6. Says here they perform "stringent checks", LOL! Either you ban multiples from the one IP address or you don't. They don't. Even then people can have access to multiple IPs - mine changes ever time I log off and on. They should have had email confirmation too. Of course the real vote riggers aren't using obvious fraud names, but it seems this clown expects us to believe a visual inspection is taking care of the problem. What a sad state of affairs that such pathetic weasels like these have been able to exert influence as they have.

  7. Look, none of you KNOW - for certain, I mean - that Santa, Cotton Mather, and Anton Drexler didn't sign that petition.

    And until you have that proof, I think the burden here is on you, and not on the petition's proponent.


    Barrack "Chavez" Obama

  8. It's amazing how many self proclaimed IT gurus such as two dick
    Tony babble absolute crap.

    These idiots go on about IP addresses without realising that
    all computers on a network share the same IP address.

    The router's IP address.

    Still, can't expect much when a clueless clown like Conroy
    holds his present position.

  9. Psst. Don't tell Tony, but I happen to know that Bob Brown, Sister Ray, Dunderklumpen, Skippy the Bush Kangaroo and maybe one or two others I've forgotten about, all not only have the same IP address, but they use the same computer. The email addresses passed muster as well.

    Other than that I trust the near-absolute integrity of the software.

    1. No, no, no ... I swear I impersonated Skippy the Bush Kangaroo but not the other 3!
      Unless there were 2 Skippies .... not impossible with this glorious bot's rusty inner cogs!
      Mine Skippy commented about Butch potentially butchering the joeys Alan Jones dined upon ....
      After all, I noticed Roxon signed multiple times as well, and I only did one of them ...
      Also, I needed a dixtionary to work out who Peri really was ... made me retch from so much LOL!

  10. Congratulations on this incredible achievement.

    Let's hope that Fairfax doesn't go broke before you can speak out to [The Board of Fairfax Media].

    This comment may have been generated automatically by HBBear.com . Making change happen.

  11. Change.org - using social media to harness collective stupidity for the greater good.

    Stop Kony 2012.